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Marty Miu Yee Hon - Spirit Mouse


I've spent the last 7 years as a CGI Artist with Flavor in Chicago, USA, creating both stylized and photorealistic CG elements for TV commericals . I have developed a strong passion for creating inspired computer generated art, pretty pixels that enthral a viewer. I am constantly looking for more opportunities to enhance my skills in an effort to create quality CG in the most efficient way. I believe one day I can achieve my goal of seeing my name in the credits of a feature film.

Qualities that make me to stand out in a team:

  • Strong talent in troubleshooting
  • Traditional drawing skills
  • Modeling with good understanding of anatomy and topology
  • Create very specific rigs and other proprietary scripts
  • Manage and ensure efficiency of the studio pipeline
  • As a technical artist, from best of both worlds, also is the bridge between artist and engineers
  • Strongly believe adequate amount of quality beverages and sweets are crucial to productivity

For more information, suggestions, comments or questions please feel free to contact me.



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